Carbide end mill RS Series Carbide end mill RS Series Carbide end mill RS Series Carbide end mill RS Series Carbide end mill RS Series
Carbide end mill RS Series                
 FHP+ Series
 Ultra Micro Grain Carbide
Innovation   Combine the advantage of roughing and finishing milling ,removal chip
efficiently and smooth surface quality.
Environment Protection   Excellent AlCrSiN ( nACro ) coating for dry machining ,
Reduction of coolant oil
Reduction of production cost
Reduction of Energy Consumption
Reduction of cleaning Effort
Economical Environmentally manufacturing

‧ The FHP+ endmill features 4 flutes with a 45° helix,four serrated flutes and
  four continuous flutes.
‧ The tool is fully effective and enables running at rough machining parameters,
  resulting in finish surface quality.
‧ The unique tool design reduces vibration at high load applications.
‧ The tool produces short and long chips simultaneously. This chip mixture is
  evacuated more easily than each individual chip type an excellent solution in
  slotting and cavity milling applications.
‧ One tool change and setup time can be eliminated.
‧ A single tool replaces the roughing and finishing endmills,
  dramatically reducing cycle time and increasing productivity.
‧ Extra tool position is gained on the machine.
‧ Eliminates the need to keep a large amount of stock.
‧ 4 flutes : 4 serrated plus 4 continuous flutes.
‧ Excellent performance and tool life.
‧ Suitable for all types of steel.
‧ Excellent performance in machining titanium, Inconel,
  stainless steel and high temperature alloys.

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