Carbide end mill RS Series Carbide end mill RS Series Carbide end mill RS Series Carbide end mill RS Series Carbide end mill RS Series
Carbide end mill RS Series                 
 KK Series
 Ultra Micro Grain Carbide
Features   Two flutes with four teeth, Four flutes with eight teeth, High performance, High efficient, double tooling life, saving time and cost.

Adding second cutting teeth near the major cutting teeth will improve the cutting performance greatly. The meaning of this new development is like the second razor blade innovating the shaving experience. KK is developed according to the innovation of razor. The characteristic of KK endmill is 2 flutes with 4, 3 flutes with 6 teeth, 4 flutes with 8 teeth, 5 flutes with 10 teeth.

Geometric appearance of endmill creates longer tooling life, low vibration, high feed rate, and smooth surface. The reason of longer tooling life is when the major tooth wear, the second tooth is still shape. Longer tooling life also benefit to reduce the horizontal vibration. Close distance between two teeth make the cutting edge produce irregular touch with working material and reduce harmful resonance. It contributes to control vibration that changes of helix angle between every group tooth

Reduction of cutting load of per teeth, 2 teeth enable increase feed rate (for each group tooth , the cutting load of second tooth is less than first tooth so the cutting area of econd is smaller than first one’s )

Low vibration and cutting flute sharpness with more lasting edge make a contribution to improvement of surface accuracy.

Stocked item: Dia 6mm~25mm
Coating: KKH nACo
Patent of Germany No:Nr.20 2006 014 089.1
Patent of Japan No:Nr.3145278
Patent of China No:ZL 2006 2 0124295.4
Patent of Taiwan No:M 303075
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